Monday, April 15, 2013

Hip Replacement in Tijuana - How to Plan your Trip?

Severe hip damage can be very hard to live with. What can add to one’s agony is the high cost involved in getting a hip replacement surgery. However, hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico can be a good option for people who want to improve their mobility and relieve hip pain without paying a lot. If you are considering hip replacement surgery in Tijuana, then it’s best to plan out your trip thoroughly. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Medical Trip


Choosing a good doctor will determine your outcome. Not all surgeons in Tijuana have ample experience in hip replacement surgery. Choose a doctor that has experience with hip replacement and can do a good job performing your surgery. You can find doctors in Tijuana by doing a simple search on the net or by asking for advice from people you know who have already had hip replacement surgery in Tijuana. 

Pick a good time of the year to travel to Tijuana. In January, the temperatures in Tijuana are around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, while they are about 83-90 degrees Fahrenheit in August. When you are planning your trip to Tijuana, you should choose the month which has the most pleasing weather in your opinion. 

Book your flights ahead of time. If you live in San Diego or other parts of Southern California, then you can travel to Tijuana for your hip replacement by land. If you live anywhere else, then you may need to fly to either San Diego or Tijuana for hip replacement. In order to save the most amount of money on your flight, you should book your tickets about eight weeks in advance to get the most savings.

Plan to stay a few days after the surgery. Though it may be tempting to return home right after the surgery, it is advisable that you stay in Tijuana a few extra days. This will allow you to easily see your doctor should you need any follow up visit after your surgery.

Bring a friend along if possible. If you have any friends who need to get their own medical treatment, then try to bring them along! It’s always better to travel with someone rather than alone. Even if you don’t know anyone who would be interested in medical tourism in Tijuana, you may still want to consider bringing someone with you for moral support.

You can always change your mind. If you plan a medical trip to Tijuana for hip replacement surgery, but things aren’t as you had expected when you get there, you can change your mind. Don’t think that you have to go through with the surgery just because you’ve already taken the flight. Remember – we’re talking about your health, and it’s always best that you are fully confident with the procedure you are going to get and the doctor who is going to do it.

Planning your trip properly can help you have the best possible outcome when you travel to Tijuana for hip replacement.  

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