Monday, March 12, 2012

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Costa Rica

According to the University of North Florida, Costa Rica receives more than 30,000 medical tourists each year. Brazilian buttock augmentation in Costa Rica is one of the procedures that people travel to get in the Latin American country. Though it is not as common a cosmetic surgery as breast implants or rhinoplasty, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that the number of patients getting buttock augmentation increased by 141% between 2000 and 2010. More and more people are expected to get their behind augmented through surgery in Costa Rica for a number of reasons.


Why Get Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Costa Rica?

There are many reasons why people get Brazilian buttock augmentation in Costa Rica. A few of those reasons include: 
  • Low Price. The BBC reports that the average price of a Brazilian buttock augmentation in the West runs into five figures. This is extremely costly in comparison to the price of the surgery in Costa Rica. Patients save around 50% when they travel to Costa Rica for Brazilian buttock augmentation. 
  • High Quality Healthcare. The quality of healthcare patients receive in Costa Rica is on par with that of the west. There are many accredited hospitals and state of the art medical centers in the country which apply the latest technology in treating their patients. 
  • Competent Doctors. In addition to accredited hospitals, the country also has a number of highly educated doctors, many of whom have studied in the US and Europe. Many continue to participate in international forums to add on to their knowledge and expertise. 
  • Chance to Vacation. If the high medical standards that one will find in Costa Rica aren’t enough, then the fact that the Latin American country is one of the most beautiful places on earth might be a major pull factor. With extensive flora and fauna, this country is rich in natural beauty. It has rolling hills, volcanoes, and untouched beaches.  
  • Proximity. Costa Rica is fairly close to the United States, which makes it a good destination for undergoing cosmetic surgeries and medical treatments. Further, Costa Rica is rich in Latin American culture which many Americans have already been exposed to.


Is Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica for You?

Before you decide whether or not to get Brazilian buttock augmentation in Costa Rica, you may want to consider the following: 
  • Do You Have Realistic Expectations? While a Brazilian buttock augmentation will do wonders for your backside, you must also realize it cannot completely transform your behind into that of Jennifer Lopez’s. It will, however, be better than it was before. 
  • Can You Travel? Costa Rica is a good medical tourism destination because it is not that far from the US. This makes it easy to travel to. Yet, you will still have to be on a flight for a couple of hours. You should be physically fit enough to board that flight. 
  • Why Do You Want to Get the Surgery? If you want to get buttock augmentation because you are unsatisfied with your backside, then that is the right reason. If you want to get it because you continually find flaws in yourself, lack overall self esteem, or have anxiety about your body even when it’s perfectly fit, then you might want to think twice about traveling all the way to Costa Rica for Brazilian buttock augmentation.

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