Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Make the Most Out of Your Dental Vacation in Costa Rica

Why do people go to Costa Rica for dental treatments? To save money! The extremely high costs of dental care in developed countries have left many budget-conscious people no choice but to seek high-quality, low-cost dental work abroad. Costa Rica has become one of the dental vacation hot spots for many Americans and Canadians who want their teeth problems fixed and, at the same time, spend a relaxing vacation in a beautiful tropical setting surrounded by nature.

Why Dental Vacation in Costa Rica?

Here’s a quick rundown of the major perks of dental vacation in Costa Rica:
  • Cosmetic dental treatments such as dental crowns and teeth implants in Costa Rica can be 50% -80% cheaper than in high-income countries.
  • There are many highly-competent, board-certified dentists and oral surgeons in Costa Rica who underwent training in the US and Europe.
  •  Leading dental clinics in Costa Rica boast of first-class facilities and the latest in dental technology and materials.
  • Communication is not a big issue for dental tourists in Costa Rica as many dentists and their staff can speak fluent English.
And of course, you can only make the most of your dental vacation in Costa Rica if you actually take a vacation! Read on for some tips.


Tips for Dental Tourists in Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica for cosmetic dentistry can be so much fun! Here a few tips to make the most of your dental vacation in Costa Rica:
  • Prepare a travel itinerary ahead of your dental trip to maximize your stay there. To make things more convenient, you may start with consulting your dental provider if it also offers affordable vacation/travel packages for the clients.
  • To avoid hassles along the way, make sure to bring all the necessary travel documents, medical records, etc. Call the immigration department about travel requirements and reminders.
  • Coordinate well with your dental provider to make sure that once you get there, you’ll be provided with the assistance you expected – airport transfers, accommodations, guided tours, etc.
  • Getting around Costa Rica will be much more fun and convenient if you learn some basic Spanish phrases ahead of the trip. Here are a few useful Spanish phrases:
    • Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening  -  Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/Buenas noches
    • Where is…?  -  Donde esta…?
    • Thank you very much -  Muchas gracias
    • Help me  -  Socorro/Ayudame
    • I don’t understand  -  No entiendo
  • What to do and where to do it:
    • Bird watching – Monteverde Cloud Forest, Corcovado National Park, Whale Marine National Park, etc.
    • Beaches – Jaco in San Jose, Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Grande, etc.
    • Rafting – Turrialba, Arenal Volcano area, El General
    • Biking – Lake Arenal area, Nicoya Peninsula
    • Surfing – Tamarindo Beach, Pavones Beach, Playa Grande, etc.

Costa Rica has successfully combined the elements important to all dental tourists: affordable and high-quality treatments, highly-competent and English-speaking dentists, and a great holiday experience. 

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