Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More about Costa Rica: Recovery Accommodations for Medical Tourism

Medical tourists have many options for recovery accommodations in San Jose and surrounding areas, ranging from the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel to more budget-friendly B&B’s such as Costa Verde Inn. On my recent trip to Costa Rica I visited two hotels specifically designed for medical tourists that cater to patients recovering from surgery.

Las Cumbres Inn and Paradise Cosmetic Inn are both located in Escazu, a suburb of San Jose. The facilities are similar in many ways. Both are private, enclosed facilities with 24-hour security and are designed with recovery in mind. Three meals, transportation (two round-trips for airport and hospital), daily nursing care, internet access, and cable TV are included in the costs. The common areas have attractive and comfortable furnishings, and of course the gardens are lush.

Both facilities are surprisingly economical, ranging from $75 to $115 per night for a lone traveler to $115 to $185 for a patient and companion; rates include three meals a day for each guest. Costa Rica’s hotel tax is around 16%, so be sure to account for this in your budget. Interestingly, these hotels will accommodate two surgical guests in one room in case you and a buddy want to experience surgery together.

I expected that after visiting the two hotels I would make a recommendation based on my assessment. Frankly, I’m having trouble deciding which one I like best. My visits to each were unannounced, and the English-speaking staff gladly gave me a tour and explained services. I got the impression that in either hotel the staff will go the extra mile for guests.

In the end, if I was making a personal choice I would go with Las Cumbres. Las Cumbres is close to town, making taxi rides cheaper for easy access to outside shopping and restaurants. It also has large rooms, modern furnishings, and big TV’s. Nurses make daily rounds but are not on-site at all times; I was told medical assistance is available 24/7. Below is a photo of one of the common areas at Las Cumbres Inn; warm and cozy! Check out the studio-deluxe room at Las Cumbres as well. It is around $135 per night for a surgical guest and a companion.

Paradise Cosmetic Inn has a beautiful panoramic view of San Jose and the Central Valley that is stunning at night. The owner, Raul, and head nurse, Rose, are outgoing and friendly. Paradise has a nurse on site 24 hours a day. The photo below shows the afternoon view from Paradise Cosmetic Inn; imagine it lit up at night.

If you are a medical tourist planning to travel alone, you must consider staying in a dedicated recovery hotel. Especially during the early post-operative days, it is important to ensure that you get care and attention from another human; you don’t want to go it alone! They will accommodate a travel companion as well and will likely make the trip easier for both of you.

Whatever your budget and personal preferences, Blue Morpho will help you make arrangements for post-op recovery accommodations. Get in touch with us any time to know more about Medical Tourism Latin America.

Stay tuned… next up in Blue Morpho’s medical tourism blog we’ll begin a discussion of what you need to know about the International Patient Safety Goals for hospitals.

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Marcus said...

Great post, pretty informative for those who are going to costa rica for the first time. Although its comparatively clean and fresh country some might feel anxiousness, and uneasy. But since the hospitality and medical services are better its easier to stay there.